LMDV (italian acronim for La Monta Delle Vacche = "COW MATING") is a ROLE PLAY GAME FOR ADULTS ONLY inspired by our ancestors’ farming traditions.

The game involves an undefined amount of tops (bulls) who have an undefined amount of bottoms (cows) at their disposal, who are willing to be fucked by any of the bulls present.

Rule No. 1: cows will NEVER see any bulls throughout the evening. At the entrance a hood with only an opening for the mouth will be supplied.
Rule No. 2 cows must NOT refuse any bull that chooses them.
Rule No. 3: bulls may mount cows ONLY. Mounting between bulls and cows or cows that mount bulls is strictly prohibited.
Rule No. 4: (but not for importance): only SAFE SEX is allowed. Infringement of this rule will lead to the immediate expulsion from the game.

If you do not like any of these rules or wish them different it means that this game is not meant for you. There are many adult role playing games such as orgies, gangbangs, naked parties etc. so if you want to play the “Cow Mating” game you must strictly adhere to the few but firm rules.

Cows DRESSCODE: Naked.
The cows are to be completely naked throughout the game. The following items are NOT admitted: rings, necklaces, bracelets, cockrings, chastity belts, jockstraps or any other garments: the cow must be totally naked and accessible for the bull. We do suggest however to wear sneakers with short socks and should the cow wish to remain on all fours whist waiting to be mounted we suggest personal kneepads (not supplied by the club). The cows exceptionally are also allowed to wear a personal harness   (not supplied by the club).

Bulls DRESSCODE: Naked or black T-Shirt only.
Bulls may go around totally naked or just with a black t-shirt (this must be plain black with NO LOGOS and NON FASHION. Bulls may wear cock-rings but NO GENITAL PIERCING is allowed (these damage condoms). We suggest likewise for the bulls to wear comfortable sneakers with short socks. You may ask why short socks? The perfect place to keep condoms and single portion lube ;-)
The Bulls then enter the club (the time will be communicated for each gathering). The Bulls then enter the club (the time will be communicated for each gathering). The bulls strip naked or remain with only a black t-shirt and await that the BEGINING of the MOUNT is announced.

Grooms DRESSCODE: Red Aprons
Grooms have the following tasks:
- "Look After” the cows and herd them around;
- Make sure that only bulls mount the cows and in the event of violations of the farm rules divide or, if instructed to do so by the head groom, even expel bulls who mount other bulls.
ENTRANCE Cows are the first to enter (the time will be communicated for each gathering). Once naked the cows are prepared, hooded, numbered and positioned in the club in order to wait for the arrival of the bulls who will evaluate and select which cows they will mount. Throughout the evening the cows may ask assistance from the grooms (to drink, go to the toilet etc.)

The bull who chooses the cow may take her to the mount or mount her there and then. The cow is obliged to follow the bull and withstand the mount for the time, positions etc determined by the bull. The cow may refuse the mount without leaving the game only if the bull has genital piercings or is objectively exaggeratedly endowed.
Bulls are allowed to choose as many cow as they like during the evening until they are fully “fulfilled” but not beyond the time of the end of the mount which will be communicated for each gathering.

CONCLUSION: The game ends when the end of the mount is announced. ONLY AT THIS POINT cows may, if they wish to do so, take off their hoods and wait for the proclamation of the Alpha Bulls and Imperial Cow. Alternatively they may remain hooded until all of the bulls leave the club.


Imperial Cow: At the end of the MOUNT all the cows will be voted for raising of hand from the bulls. The cow that will receive the most votes will be: IMPERIAL COW .

Alpha Bull: At the end of the MOUNT the best bulls chosen by the stablemen will be voted for raising of hand both of the bulls that of the cows. The bull that will receive the most votes will be named ALPHA BULL .